United Pharmacies offers a wide range of generic medicines at a fraction of the price of the brand named equivalent. Generic Drugs offer savings in the range of 50% to 80% compared with buying brand-name medicines.

We understand that people are tired of paying high prices for brand-name drugs. If you are taking a medication, email us either the brand name or the name of the active ingredient, and we will almost certainly be able to find you a generic version and offer great savings on your medical bill

If you are not sure about Generic Drugs, read though our FAQ about Generic Medicines, or contact us for more information.

Life Pharmacy now carries Amantadine which can be used for the prevention and treatment of bird flu.

The following medicines are currently available:


  Amitriptyline (Generic Amitriptyline) - Generic Amitriptyline
  Aricept (Generic Aricept) - Generic Aricept
  Buspar (Generic Buspar) - Generic Buspar by Merind
  Citalopram (Generic Celexa) - Feliz by Torrent
  Duloxitine (Generic Cymbalta) - Symbal by Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  Fluoxetine (Generic Prozac) - Fluox by Pacific
  Flutamide (Generic Flutamide) - Cytomid by Cipla
  Mirtazapine (Generic Remeron) - Mirtaz by Sun Pharmaceuticals
  Paroxetine (Generic Paxil) - Xet by Zydus
  Paroxetine (Controlled Release) (Generic Paxil-CR) - Pexep-CR by Intas
  Sertraline (Generic Zoloft) - Depsert by Reliance
  Escitalopram (Generic Lexapro) - S Citadep by Cipla
  Moclobemide (Generic Aurorix) - Trima by Intas
  Venlafaxine HCI (Generic Effexor) - Venlor XR by Protec
  Tofranil (Generic Tofranil) - Generic Tofranil 
  Smoquit SR (Generic Zyban) - Smoquit SR by Sun Pharmaceuticals
  Ziprasidone (Generic Geodon) - Zipsydon by Sun Pharmaceuticals

Arthritis and Pain Relief

  Imitrex/Imigran (Generic Imitrex/Generic Imigran) - Suminat Nasal Spray by Sun Pharma
  Imitrex/Imigran (Generic Imitrex/Generic Imigran) - Suminat Tablets by Sun Pharma
  Indocin (Generic Indocin) 
  Celecoxib (Generic Celebrex) - Coxib by Brown & Burk
  Valdecoxib (Generic Bextra - Mouth Dissolvable) - Valdixx by Cipla
  Valdecoxib (Generic Bextra) - Valdy by Lyka Hetro Labs
  Mobic (Generic Mobic) 
  Naproxen (Generic Naproxen) 
  Soma (Generic Soma) 
  Tramadol (Generic Ultram) - Tramazac by Zydus Alidac
  Voltaren (Generic Voltaren)


  Advair (Generic advair)
  Atrovent (Generic Atrovent) 
  Diprosone (Generic Diprosone) 
  Serevent (Generic Serevent) 
  Singulair (Generic Singulair)
  Ventolin (Generic Ventolin) 


  Avandia (Generic Avandia)
  Metformin (Generic Metformin) 
  Pioglitazone HCl (Generic Actos) - Diavista by Dr Reddy's


  Orlistat (Generic Xenical) - Vyfat by Cipla
  Sibutamine (Generic Meridia) - Leptos by Biostar
  Sibuatmine (Generic Meridia) - Obestat by Cipla

Hairloss and Prostate

  Dutasteride 0.5mg (Generic Avodart) - Dutas by Dr Reddy's
  Dutasteride 0.5mg (Generic Dutasteride) - Dutagen by Ranbaxy
  Bicalutamide (Generic Casodex) - Calutide by Cipla
  Flutamide (Generic Flutamide) - Cytomid by Cipla
  Finasteride 1mg (Generic Propecia) - Finpecia by Cipla
  Finasteride 1mg (Generic Propecia) - Finax by Dr Reddys
  Finasteride 5mg (Generic Proscar) - Fincar by Cipla
  Finasteride 5mg (Generic Proscar) - Finast by Dr Reddys
  Finasteride 5mg (Generic Proscar) - Fistide by Samath Pharma
  Nizoral (Generic Nizoral) - Sebizole by Douglas Pharmaceuticals
  Retinova (Generic Retinova) 

Heartburn and Ulcer

  Pantoprazole (Generic Protonix) - Pantosec by Ciplca
  Famotidine (Generic Famotidine) 
  Protonix (Generic Protonix) 
  Rabeprazole (Generic Rabeprazole) 
  Zantac (Generic Zantac) 


  Diane 35 ED (Generic Diane 35) - Ginette by Cipla
  Fosamax (Generic Fosamax) - Osteofos by Cipla
  Motilium (Generic Motilium) 
  Tamoxifen (Generic Novaldex) -Genox by Pacific Pharmaceuticals
  Ethinyl Estradiol (Generic Ethinyl Estradiol)
  Spironolactone (Generic Spironolactone) 

Erectile Dysfunction

  Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra) - Kamagra by Ajanta
  Levitra (Generic Levitra) 


  Allopurinol (Generic Allopurinol) - Allopurinol by Sun
  Prednisolone (Generic Prednisolone) 

Heart and Cholesterol

  Atacand (Generic Atacand
  Capoten (Generic Capoten
  Coversyl (Generic Coversyl
  Cozaar (Generic Cozaar
  Diovan (Generic Diovan
  Lanoxin (Generic Lanoxin
  Procardia XL (Generic Procardia
  Amlodipine Besylate (Generic Norvasc) - Amlopres by Cipla
  Amlodipine Besylate (Generic Norvasc) - Avacard by Ranbaxy
  Nimodipine (Generic Nimotop) - Nimodip by USV
  Clopidogrel Bisulfate (Generic Plavix) - Plagril by Dr Reddy's
  Atorvastatin Calcuim (Generic Lipitor) - Atorlip by Cipla
  Atorvastatin Calcuim (Generic Lipitor) - Torvatin by Signature Pharmaceuticals
  Amlodipine Besylate (Generic Norvasc) - Emcard
  Simvastatin (Generic Zocor) - Simlup by Lupin and Lib-Stin by Liberal

HIV Drugs

  Didanosine (Generic Videx) - Dinex by Cipla
  Lamivudine (Generic Epivir) - Lamivir by Cipla
  Nevirapine (Generic Viramune) - Nevimune by Cipla Pharmaceuticals
  Stavudine (Generic Zerit) - Generic Zerit by Cipla
  Zidovudine (Generic Retrovir) - Zidovir by Cipla


  Biaxin (Generic Biaxin) 
  Doxine (Generic Doxine) 
  Sporanox (Generic Sporanox) 
  Trichozole (Generic Trichozole) 
  Famciclovir (Generic Famvir) - Famtrex by Cipla
  Fungotek (Generic Lamisil) - Fungotek by FDC
  Ciproxin (Generic Ciproxin) - Ciproxin by Cipla


  Cetirizine HCI (Generic Zyrtec) - Alerid by Cipla


  Aricept (Generic Aricept) 
  Generic LithCarb (Generic Lithium Carbonate
  Gabapentin (Generic Neurontin) - Gabapin by Intas
  Lamotrigine (Generic Lamictal) - Lamitor by Torrent
  Carbamazepine (Generic Tegretol) - Zeptol by Sun Pharmaceuticals
  Topamax (Generic Topamax)

We supply generic medicines from well known manufacturers including Cipla from India and Biotenk from Argentina.

For more information about generic medications, please visit out Generic Drugs FAQ. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

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