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What Can You Eat To Burn Belly Fat?

There are several nutritional supplements that promise that fat will disappear automatically…. The so-called fat burners or special pre-workout powders and pills. You decide what you do, but always choose a product from a renowned brand. Check that all ingredients are allowed. Often use is made of ephedrine, a kind of natural speed. A prohibited ingredient because it is harmful.

Which Fat Burners do Work?

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In combination with smart exercise, plenty of drinking, a healthy diet and fat burning supplements like apple cider vinegar pills, there are a few substances that are necessary for the fat-burning process and there are a few substances that have been proven to help burn more fat.

Carnitine is one such substance, this is made in your liver and helps bring the free fatty acids into the cells where the fat can be burned. If you are deficient in carnitine because you eat too many carbohydrates, for example, and are overweight, carnitine can mean something.

Burn More Fat, Put your brown Fat to Work

You have different types of fat in your body. White fat, the stored energy for hard times, is the kind of fat that many people like to see less of. You also have some brown fat. This brown fat can burn white fat. The job of tanning your fat is to keep your body warm. A trick to put that brown energy burner to work is cold. So turn down the heating, don’t put on an extra sweater, exercise outside, find a gym with air conditioning and take a cold shower. Really, get used to that.

Spice up your Food: Pepper, especially red pepper with a lot of capsaicins, stimulates the activity of brown fat. You notice, pepper makes you feel warm.

Green Tea as a Fat Burner

Tea contains theine that can be compared to caffeine from coffee, it gives you an energy boost that you can use to do more and thus burn more energy. But green and white tea also contain catechin. Catechin is a polyphenol, an anti-oxidant that you also find in cocoa. You can add pure cocoa to a smoothie. In the form of chocolate you get too much fat and sugar! Catechins increase energy consumption and help burn fat.

Black Coffee Energy Boost –

Coffee contains the stimulant caffeine. Caffeine helps convert fat into free fatty acids. If you then use that free energy, you burn more fat. The other way around, just drinking coffee and doing nothing doesn’t work. Sugar and sweeteners in your coffee increase the insulin in your blood and cancel the effect of the caffeine. So you drink coffee black before you take action.

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