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Best Ways to Burn 100 Calories

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get the exercise fit. A daily bike ride, play with your children and a trip with the vacuum cleaner is actually really good and easy training. Banal maybe, but it works.

Go, walk, walk

How long do you usually talk on the phone at work during the day? Couldn’t it easily sneak up in an hour or more? If you get up and go around the office every time you talk on the phone, you get cranked about 250 hours into a year of 250 working days.

If you go about four kilometers per hour, which is equivalent to walking at a regular pace, you will put 1,000 kilometers into the exercise account both freely and freely. If you add the trips to the coffee machine, to the printer, to the toilet and to the canteen, the number of kilometers increases even more.

Tramp in the pedals

It can sometimes seem impossible to get the pedals on the bike in turns – especially in the winter. But if you make it a habit to jump in the saddle year-round at all the year’s approximately 250 working days, you end up with 500 cycling trips.

If you only have five kilometers to work, it runs up to 2,500 kilometers. This is equivalent to cycling along Denmark, not just once, but seven and a half times back and forth from Skagen to Flensburg.

On the bike ride, you strengthen the muscles of the legs, get a better condition, reduce the risk of heart disease and burn calories. A rule of thumb says 0.33 calories per. pounds of body weight per kilogram kilometers, you weigh 60 kilos, you burn about 20 calories in one kilometer. There are as many as 50,000 calories burned in one year. At the chocolate shelf, this corresponds to 219 march bars.

Run baby, run

If you are a mother, take advantage of the baby’s nap for a trip with the baby jogger. Lay out with short walks where you alternately walk and run, and build just as quietly so you finally reach the run you dream of.

Good baby jogger advice is to straighten your back, holding only one hand on the handle so that you get a natural swing with the other and not to hold on to the handle so you tighten your hands. Remember it is harder to run with a baby as a sidekick than alone, so it’s okay to run shorter trips than you did before you became a mother.

Also take a look at your older children and learn. They like to jump in trampoline for several hours, beating one charcoal bucket after the other and bucking and sipping without stopping. All that is reminiscent of many of the exercises we pay money for in a gym. So the next time your kids find the rope, then hop on.

Swing the dust brush

Yes, it is boring to clean, but maybe you want to go a little extra to the idea that it can actually count as exercise. The National Board of Health recommends 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, which is equal to exercise, where you become easier to breathe, but can still hold a conversation. It fits very well on a trip with the vacuum cleaner, up and down a step ladder to dust off and even more if you also grab a round of window cleaning.

Step by step

15,000 butt and thigh exercises in one year by changing just one small thing? Yes please. All it takes is that you choose the stairs rather than the elevator of your work. You go to work about 250 days a year, and if there are a staircase of just 30 steps that you take twice a day, it will be 15,000 annual steps that improve your fitness and train your buttocks and thighs. In addition, you also strengthen your calf muscles and your joints and bones in the body. Remember that the faster you step on the stairs, the better for your fitness.

Up and down

Approximately every other Dane sits down for more than eight hours a day, and sedentary activity can be risky for, for example, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as losing muscle mass and risking back pain.

If you exercise, you should be less worried about sitting still, but still rise up and work at least once every 45 minutes. It is the good solution, and corresponds to 10 times on a full working day.

If you take the habit of you, you can put 2,500 checkers on a typical work year. Just as you can rejoice in the idea that you burn 20 percent more calories when you stand up because your body needs energy and therefore boosts the processes that break down fat and sugar. If you sit down for an hour, the fat burning enzyme lipase drops by 90 percent.

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