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How do Anabolic Steroids Work?

Anabolic steroids are substances derived from the hormone testosterone and are known mainly for their effects on muscles (muscle hypertrophy). However, these substances also have other effects, harmful to health, that can put the consumer’s life at risk.

These substances have clinical uses and, therefore, many of them are legally produced by pharmaceutical laboratories and can be prescribed, under medical guidance, for the treatment of certain pathologies, such as correcting hormonal insufficiency.

However, by increasing muscle mass, when taken in doses higher than those recommended for therapeutic purposes and in conjunction with weight training, these substances have been increasingly sought after and used by athletes to improve physical performance and by ordinary people to obtain a better aesthetic appearance.

When these substances are taken by healthy individuals, who obtain the doping substances illegally, without prescription and medical control, there is no supervision over the doses used, the conditions under which they are applied or the time they are taken.

Anabolic steroids can cause dangerous side effects, both physical and psychological, motivated mainly by hormonal dysregulation, overload of the liver and kidneys. In women, there may be a thickening of the voice, increased body hair, menstrual irregularities or clitoral growth, for example. In men, on the other hand, there is a risk of gynecomastia, reduced testicles, loss of libido, decreased number of sperm or baldness.

In my opinion, the answer lies in very broad and complex reasons in our society. Nowadays, the social demands to be “more” and better are increasing and the visceral “need” to win, in the face of the “loser / winner” dichotomy, is also increasing.

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