General medicines such as cold and flu medicines and skin creams can be ordered securley and confidentially through Life Pharmacy.

Life Pharmacy now stocks Tamiflu, the only effective treatment for human infection of bird flu. World Health Organization (WHO) experts suspect that the world is one step closer to a devastating killer flu pandemic. Tamflu can help treat and prevent the Bird Flu and the regular Flu.

For the relief of migraine head aches we have Imigran and a generic alternative in Suminat in both nasal spray and tablet forms (Suminat Tablets)

See also some of our of skin and hair care products. A new acne treatment is currently available - Eryacne Gel contains 4% Erythromycin. We have recently added Dermol to our range of products, and it is available as Dermol Cream, Dermol Ointment or Dermol Scalp Application.Skinoren is a very popular choice for many of our customers, and we also stock Tretinoin based products such as Retinova and Retin-A that can be effective in removing fine and wrinkles.

Try Motilium for the relief of acid reflux or indigestion. You will find our price one of the best around.

We also have great prices for the high blood pressure medication, Cartia and the bone density medication Rocaltrol.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Life Pharmacy is a member of the United Pharmacies Group. United Pharmacies offers a full range medicines.