The Life Pharmacy offers a secure and confidential way of ordering medicines.

It is estimated that 0ver 50 Million American People suffer from Allergies alone, while 17 Million Americans are estimated to have Asthma. 

Life Pharmacy supplies a limited range of medications which are commonly used in the treatment of Asthma and Allergies.

  Generic Advair
  Generic Atrovent
  Atrovent Forte
  Flovent Diskus
  Generic Serevent
  Generic Singulair
  Spiriva and Generic Spiriva
  Generic Ventolin

  Patanol Eye Drops
  Zyrtec (cetririzine HCI) by Pfizer 

  Diprosone (betamethasone dipropionate) by Schering-Plough.
  Generic Diprosone   Prednisone branded as Apo-Prednisone by Apotex 

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Life Pharmacy is a member of the United Pharmacies Group. United Pharmacies offers a full range of popular medicines.