One of the biggest barriers to accessing treatment is the price of the medications. At present countries such as India do not have patents on many new medicines – allowing them to produce generic equivalents and export them.

We supply several generic HIV medicines. All our generic medicines are manufactured by Cipla, an FDA approved manufacturer.

  • Lavimir (Lamivudine) - Generic 3TC / Epivir
  • Dinex (Didanosine) - Generic Videx / DDL
  • Nevimune (Nevarapine) - Generic Viramune
  • Zidovir (Zidovudine) - Generic AZT / ZDV
  • Stavir (Stavudine) - Generic D4T / Zerit
  • Triomune (Stavudine + Lamivudine + Nevarapine) - all in one convenient tablet

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